Who are we?

Our Mission

To create regenerative living systems enabling people to live more in harmony with Nature. To foster human happiness by facilitating true connection with Nature

We aim to transform peoples lives through regenerative systems design, consultation, implementation, and education of how to live closer to our inherent nature as Homo sapiens on planet Earth. We facilitate this using a wide array of practices from Permaculture Design and Human Re-Wilding.

We operate across Nusantara, which is the old pre-colonial name for Indonesia. We like to promote the indigenous heritage of this land

Back to Our True Nature

We encourage all to get outside, walk with your bare feet on the Earth, and dig your incredibly capable hands with iyour opposable thumbs into the soil. Grow something and build something beautiful in harmony with Nature. This is our birth right. 

Join us in the process of discovering our True Nature.

Our Core Values

We believe that human-nature is inherently good when we live in balance with Nature. Specifically we believe that by living in true relationship with our self and surrounding ecosystems, we can inhabit the following roles: